Haddington Road Agreement Siptu

The Haddington Road Agreement was a landmark agreement brokered between the Irish government and the public sector trade unions in 2013. The agreement was designed to address the severe financial crisis facing the country and included measures to reduce the public sector wage bill.

SIPTU, the Services, Industrial, Professional, and Technical Union, played a significant role in the negotiations and was one of the unions that ultimately endorsed the agreement.

Under the Haddington Road Agreement, public sector workers saw their pay cut by an average of 5.5%. The agreement also included provisions for increased productivity and flexibility in the workplace, as well as measures to address absenteeism and improve performance management.

SIPTU, along with other unions, faced considerable criticism from some members who felt that the agreement represented a significant concession to the government. However, the union argued that the alternative could have been even more damaging, with potential job losses and more severe pay cuts.

Despite the challenges posed by the agreement, SIPTU and other unions saw it as an opportunity to engage in meaningful negotiations with the government and secure a better deal for their members.

Since the agreement was signed in 2013, there have been ongoing discussions between the government and the unions over its implementation. While some issues remain unresolved, the agreement is generally seen as a successful example of effective negotiation between unions and the government.

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