Toll Linehaul Enterprise Agreement 2004

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To put it simply, the Toll Linehaul Enterprise Agreement 2004 is a contract between Toll and its linehaul employees. Linehaul refers to the long-haul transportation of goods, which is a crucial aspect of Toll`s business. The agreement outlines the terms and conditions of employment for linehaul employees, including wages, hours of work, leave entitlements, and other benefits.

The agreement was negotiated between Toll and the Australian Workers` Union (AWU), which represents many linehaul employees in the transport industry. It was signed in 2004 and was in effect until a new agreement was negotiated in 2008.

One of the key features of the Toll Linehaul Enterprise Agreement 2004 is the establishment of a base rate of pay for linehaul employees. This rate was higher than the industry award rate at the time, which was a significant win for the AWU and the employees it represented. The agreement also provided for annual wage increases and the introduction of a profit-sharing scheme.

Another important aspect of the agreement was the inclusion of provisions for safe working conditions. Linehaul truck driving can be a dangerous job, and the agreement included measures to protect the health and safety of employees. This included the provision of adequate rest breaks and the establishment of a fatigue management program.

The Toll Linehaul Enterprise Agreement 2004 was an important milestone in the history of industrial relations in Australia. It demonstrated the effectiveness of collective bargaining and the power of unions to negotiate on behalf of their members. It also highlighted the importance of fair wages and working conditions for employees, particularly in industries that can be dangerous and demanding.

In conclusion, while the Toll Linehaul Enterprise Agreement 2004 may not be the most exciting topic, it is an important one for anyone interested in industrial relations, employee rights, and the transport industry. Understanding the history and implications of this agreement can help us appreciate the progress that has been made in ensuring fair and safe working conditions for all employees.