How much will it cost to buy a 2022 Tucson?

The price of a 2022 Hyundai Tucson can change based on the trim level, the options, and where you live.

Starting at about $24,950, the SE trim is the least expensive. The more expensive Limited and Ultimate trims can cost up to $36,500.

The Blue, SEL Convenience, and Limited versions of

the Tucson hybrid have starting prices of $29,050, $30,750, and $37,350, respectively.

Prices are subject to change, and you may have to pay extra fees like destination charges, taxes, and dealer fees.

Also, keep in mind that dealerships may offer sales, incentives, or discounts that can change how much the car will cost in the end.

it will come down to personal tastes and needs, as well as reviews and ratings from experts in the field.